Allow us to introduce ourselves.


One code base—multiple platforms (iOS and Android).

With Aquro Platform, reusable user interface components are created in plain HTML, while logic is programmed using Aquro Visual Coding, or JavaScript, with full access to device hardware features like camera, GPS, and storage.

When you're done, our hardware seemlessly packages your app into two separate versions, one ready for native release on the iOS app store, the other for Android's Google Play.

Aquro 'Visual Coding'

A powerful tool for smarter, more efficient app creation.

Aquro Visual Coding is a unique feature that saves you time and opens up a world of possibilities. Program your apps quickly with visual flows based on over 100 pre-built modules handling everything from hardware access to data synchronization, and beyond. In other words, most features of your app can be created with without writing or debugging a single line of code!

Want to do something we haven't created a Visual Coding module for yet? No problem, you can create your own modules with JavaScript to achieve any functionailty or customization you need!

Visual design editor

Graphical UI design has never been easier.

With Aquro's Visual Design Editor, you can quickly create different app pages and views using drag-and-drop, built-in, or your own custom UI components. Design pages exactly as you want them without restrictions. You'll be able to see your interface taking shape in real time with our in-studio live preview.

The interface you develop can be easily customized for each platform (iOS and Android) to give your end-users a perfect, native experience.

Data management

Advanced data management made simple.

With Aquro, managing data within your app is a breeze. Easily create data models and data connectors that integrate into any part of your app. With Aquro Secure Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), you can also easily synchronize data with our cloud-based data services.  We also provide out-of-the-box components that enable data sharing between your app’s users.

Complete control

Control, freedom of choice, and unlimited possibilities.

You know your app idea best, so we won't get in the way. Combine our ready-made features and components with your own custom-built ones, in any combination you choose.

Encrypted data

Store and share encrypted data.

It is no longer just apps that are widely distributed that have high requirements regarding secure data. Safety and protection of personal data is just as important for all apps. We offer secure data through encryption. The encryption prevents sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. For example, our smart encryption technology makes it possible to share encrypted data between users.


Data sync, push notification, email delivery services, and much more.

Aquro Secure MBaaS provides secure and encrypted backend services for your app. You do not have to develop your own backend and can instead focus on the core features of your app. Aquro Secure MBaaS includes file and database storage, communication via push notifications, email delivery, and authentication.

Web proxy

Secure connectivity to external data.

Our Web Proxy Service gives you access to REST services, as well as other JSON and XML services. You easily map data from your external sources directly against data models in your app. You also can integrate external API services such as Google Maps. All this is done without exposing your data to the rest of the world. The service also handles data caching to reduce the load on the external system.

Project management

Integrated project management with smart features.

To facilitate and streamline your development, Aquro App Studio provides integrated project management. With a complete workflow, you can manage everything from feature requests to different types of problems and error reports.


App testing on devices without publishing to app stores.

Aquro Preview is an app that makes it possible for your company or your customer to test the app live on their device during the development process without having to publish it in app stores. The testing takes place in parallel with the continuing development of the app. Built-in features of Aquro Preview allow the tester to give feedback directly from the app.


App publishing made easy.

Publishing apps in Apple App Store and Google Play is a complex and time-consuming process. Aquro Platform speeds up the process, and you do not have to use any specific software or hardware. The platform also facilitates the process with features like automatic uploading to the Apple App Store and automatic generation of graphic elements, such as required icons and screenshots.


App improvement based on insights into when, where, and how.

With Analytics, you get a full understanding of how your app is used. For example, this feature makes it possible to get statistics on the pages used in your app. You also can measure the degree of penetration and segment your users, as well as use Aquro Visual Coding to log events for which you want to get statistics. Customize your own dashboard to quickly get an overview of exactly what you think is important.

Platform overview

A complete platform for cross-platform mobile app development and mobile backend services.

Aquro Platform consists of the following features and services:

  • Aquro App Manager—app management
  • Aquro App Studio—app development studio
  • Aquro Secure MBaaS—mobile backend services for apps

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Aquro?

Aquro offers a market-leading option for developing mobile apps with a visual workflow for increased efficiency and speed.  Unlike many competitors, we also offer support for the full lifecycle of your project, going beyond the development phase to help you manage releases, data handling, and important backend services (should you choose to use them).

Which operating systems can I develop apps for using Aquro?
Apps built in Aquro are compatible with all modern versions of iOS and Android.
What kind of apps can I create using Aquro?

While we won't ever limit you in what you can create, certain types of app projects may be better suited for a hybrid iOS & Android app development platform like Aquro.  Feel free to check out this table, which lists common app types and how well Aquro is suited for creating them.

What technology is used in the platform?

Apps built in the Aquro App Studio, whether using pre-built visual components or custom code of your own, are rendered using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.  Your code is packaged to native apps using the Cordova framework, meaning that you'll only need to develop your app once to be able to build to both App Store and Google Play -ready versions.  Our own cloud-build hardware handles the build process for you, so you don't need specific hardware to build your app for both iOS and Android.

Who can make use of Aquro?

While we'll always invite the ambitious entrepreneur with no coding experience in to try Aquro, our platform is designed primarily for those with development experience of some kind.  Most actions in Aquro are completed with visual workflows requiring no coding, but when creating complex custom app features and designs it will help to be familiar with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  No native coding (Swift, Java) is required, or even used, in Aquro.

What limitations are there in Aquro?

There are no specific limitations we impose regarding the kinds of apps that you can build in Aquro Platform, though certain types may be better suited for the technology we use. Your app will look and feel exactly the way you want, and you can take full advantage of device hardware features like camera, GPS, and sound. Develop your apps freely using out-of-the-box components, or create your own.

Can I move my app to other development platforms?

Yes!  This is completely possible with our export feature, though you may want to consider centralizing your entire app project by using our included backend services.

What backend services does Aquro provide for my app? Do I have to use them?

In addition to the tools to develop your app, Aquro provides mobile backend as a service (MBaaS), which includes file and database storage/sync, communication management via push notifications and email, and authentication services.  If you choose to do so, you are welcome to export your finished app and use your own solutions instead of our backend services.

How does Aquro charge me for the data my apps use?

Depending on which app type your project is currently set to, you'll have a different set of data allowance limits for that app.  Data and backend services allowances are per-app, not account-wide.  To see exact plans and prices, please see our pricing page.

What does it mean to say that Aquro Platform is a SaaS or cloud service?

This means that anyone can use Aquro on any computer with a browser and an internet connection; there are no specific hardware or operating system requirements to create and maintain apps using Aquro.