The concept of a Mobile App Development Platform (MADP) describes a software where various services and products for the development of mobile apps are gathered in one place. The aim, of course, is to simplify and streamline the development of your applications. Several functions and connections are also usually already finished within an MADP and can be easily integrated in the code to connect the app with other apps or to use features that have already been built by someone else.

Features that MADP's offer 

In an MADP you can find premade features like linkouts to various social media platforms, push messages on screen, or the utilization of various phone hardware. Standard functions are largely designed to be a timesaver within the MADP, so you aren’t tied down writing tedious lines of code that already have been created thousands of times by others. MADP’s that work off of hybrid app development technology will also let you develop apps for iOS and Android simultaneously, saving you time if you’re wanting your app to be available in both app stores. 

Quicker and more efficient 

Aquro Platform is our proud little offering to the development world, and it’s one that gives you the opportunity to develop an app without (or with very little) manually written code, which ensures cost-effectiveness and simplicity even for those just getting started in app development. Concerns about resources and expertise in programming are often reduced using Aquro, since for the first time coding proficiency is no longer required for mobile app development. Even so, we’ve left the platform open and flexible enough that you can jump outside of the visual app studio as needed to code in custom elements if you so desire. Plus, we keep supporting you long after you launch, with built-in hosting for your app’s data, real-time analytics and usage reporting, and more! 

If you’re thinking of finally bringing that app idea to life, give Aquro a try!