"When building Holm Security's mobile app, we wanted to find the most efficient toolset for a cross-platform product, but we couldn't sacrifice functionality. For us, Aquro represented a perfect way to meet our short development timeline while still keeping our app's inner workings robust, centralized, and secure."



Category: Consumer

Create your own wishlists for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and more! Share your lists with friends and family for smarter gift buying!

The app uses Aquro Platform components and also custom interface components. Aquro Secure MBaaS is used for data storage and sharing. All the app's scripts are built with Aquro Visual Coding. The app uses the device's built-in camera.


l cab logo cropped

Category: Transportation

Stylish, discrete transportation. The L-CAB app allows clients to hail L-CAB cars on demand, Uber-style. The app includes booking, live vehicle location tracking, and user registration.

The L-CAB app has been constructed entirely within the Aquro Platform. Aquro's Secure MBaaS is used for storing and sharing data. App behavior has been programmed using a combination of Aquro Visual coding and custom JavaScript.

My Walk


Category: Fitness

With My Walk, you can set your walking goal, record how far you've walked each day, and easily track your progress over time.

The app uses out-of-the-box Aquro Platform components, as well as custom interface components. My Walk also makes use of the Aquro Secure MBaaS web proxy service to communicate with Google Maps and custom visual coding managers. All the app's scripts were built completely with Aquro Visual Coding.

Holm Security


Category: Cyber security

Safe, secure, and now on-the-go. Holm Security is a cloud-based IT security scanner and threat analysis software used by businesses, municipalities, and government organizations across Sweden.

Constructed entirely within Aquro, Holm Security's app takes advantage of our robust backend tools and integrations to keep customers up to date in real-time.