Visual Coding - which combines complete control over JavaScript snippets with an easy visual workflow - is one of the parts of Aquro we're most proud of, but we always know we can do better! This week, we're proud to roll out 3 updates to make Visual Coding even better for you.

When we say it’s our goal to create the most efficient app development platform available, we know we have to walk the walk, too.  That’s why our dev team has been hard at work this week making some improvements to our Visual Coding system to ensure a smooth experience.

Firstly, we’ve added the ability to create your own Visual Coding scripts that execute when a page within your app is loaded.  Previously, these scripts had to be written manually in JavaScript, and while you’re still welcome to do so, this should speed up the scripting process for a ton of functions for which our Visual Coding blocks are already written.


To create “on page load” scripts for a page within your app, simply select it from the tree view in Aquro App Studio, then head over to the “Scripts” tab – you’ll a snazzy green “Visual Coding Script” button waiting for you. ;)

Our second addition to Visual Coding is a quality of life improvement to make working in Aquro even nicer.

The Visual Coding’s configuration manager window has gotten a color-coded makeover, to let you quickly see which values can be mapped to which parameters.  Green values can be slotted into green parameters, red to red; you get the picture.


But wait, there’s more!

Finally, you can now simply right click a parameter and any values that can’t be mapped to it will simply be filtered out (see below).  This is especially useful when working with pages that contain many elements.


We hope you enjoy these changes as much as we do, don’t hesitate to give us your feedback or request your own changes and additions in the future – we’re always listening!

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