Flip it, resize it, open it on a giant tablet - apps made with Aquro can now be fine tuned for any screen size, rotation, and device!

We know that creating a true one-stop-shop solution for the modern app developer is a lofty goal, but we're proud to announce a big step in the right direction:  Today, we've released Aquro's Responsive Designer, a completely new tool that helps you quickly create custom app page layouts based on the device, screen size, and/or rotation your users open your app(s) on.

In just a few clicks, the Responsive Designer lets you re-position, edit, or completely hide away app UI components based on how they're being viewed.  Don't want an icon to show when someone rotates their phone into landscape mode?  Done.  Want to display a different picture to users when they log into your app on Android instead of iOS?  No sweat!

Of course, rather than talking about it, we'll just let the Responsive Designer speak for itself with a couple of brand new videos we've made for its release!

The first video is a simple overview of the new feature, while the second dives in deeper to teach you how to make your way around the various features of the Designer.  As always, feel free to leave a comment or send us a message letting us know what you think!

Responsive Designer Introduction Video:

Responsive Designer Tutorial/Walkthrough:

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