Today, we're officially announcing our newly implemented pricing model to help make Aquro more accessible to a wider range of development professionals!

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About a month ago, we started taking a very close look at how our customers were making use of our platform, and at the difference in activity between the different types of devs we had coming in.  For example, we noticed a definite difference in behavior between those just trying out personal projects vs. fulltime agencies or freelancers working on projects for clients (not a particularly surprising observation, but still!).  

We started looking at what types of users were successful and kept using Aquro, who ended up sticking around after their trial ended, etc.  More importantly, we looked at who was getting left out, feeling they didn't have the time or money to continue with Aquro after their first few sessions with us.

In fact, you can read more about the reasoning behind us thinking about different ways to make our pricing better for our customers in this full writeup on the issue on our Medium page.

But the bottom line is that we turned our entire pricing table on its head, and started from scratch to create something that works better for more people.

Per app, not per account.

One of the biggest changes we’ve made now is that Aquro customers pay per individual app project, rather than for account-wide limits.  For example, if you only were going to work on one or two apps, it didn’t make sense to have to pay for an account with 5 app slots on it.

Now, you choose to pay for exactly what you need for each app, depending on its purpose.  Plus, since we know some projects will have different requirements from others (one might need special features, more data allowance, or multi-developer collaboration while another needs none of these things), individual app projects can be upgraded or downgraded at any time, without affecting the capabilities of the other apps on your account.

More freedom, emphasis on the “free” part.

The other major adjustment we’ve made is to remove the free trial mechanic from Aquro and allow personal app projects without advanced needs to be created completely for free.  That’s right, you can choose to create a completely free app type so that you can work on it without paying for an unlimited amount of time, rather than having to choose whether to pay or to abandon it completely after a 7, 14, or 30 day trial.

Putting it all together:  Here’s how the new pricing model actually works, from start to finish

From now on, when you create a new Aquro account, you will not initiate any kind of trial period countdown, and can continue to log in and work every day for life, even if you don’t end up paying a dime.

Instead, when you create a new app project, you’ll start a 7-day timer for that specific app and within this time your app will behave fully unlimited, without restrictions.  After 7 days, you will be prompted to choose one of the following app types to assign to your project:

Pricing table

Much like other development tools (think Gitbhub, etc.), one of the stipulations for a “Free app” project is that the project is open source, meaning that any logged in users can find your project listed under the newly added Apps Library tab within the Aquro platform as long as it is Free (it will disappear from the Apps Library if it is ever upgraded to Basic or Premium).

For those with personal projects they don’t mind being seen by other users of the platform, or who simply want to take their time learning their way around Aquro, this app type is perfect and allows you to create apps, start to finish, as a free user.

At any time as an app grows or has new needs, it can be upgraded to one of the other types, starting at $9 for Basic.  At $49, Premium helps facilitate the needs of those with apps that are becoming more popular or which need to be re-sold to third-party clients.

We’ve tried to help pricing directly scale with the natural progression and growth of an app project, so that we can meet you wherever you are with each project at any given time.  

Of course, for particularly prolific developers and teams, we still offer completely tailored enterprise plans to accommodate those needs as well.  Complete details of the new pricing structure can be found on our Pricing Page.

For those who opened accounts before we swapped over structures, you have the option to log in and purchase an account-wide plan from the old pricing packages, or contact us ( to have us modify your account to have access to the new pricing model and pay per app instead.

We look forward to seeing where this new phase of Aquro takes us, and hope that we can now serve a wider range of development professionals - not to mention more quickly grow the Aquro community!

If you haven't yet, feel free to developing apps in Aquro with a free account.

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