Last week, we rolled out a mega-list of platform feature additions, changes, and bug fixes. Here’s an exhaustive list of what's new.


New features:

- You can now right click on UI components in the tool box and choose to clone them or edit them directly

- It is now possible to download the Android keystore generated in the platform

- When saving a Visual Coding script, unused local variables are removed from the script

- It is now possible to remove a Custom Visual Coding block directly from the Visual Coding window

- Multiple files can now be uploaded to the content folder at once

- A title bar in the Visual Coding window now shows the script you’re actively working on

- A new remote debugging feature for Premium level apps is now built into Aquro App Studio

UI Changes:

- Built in components are no longer listed in the treeview any more (as you can right click and copy them directly from the visual component toolbox now)

- Data Models have been moved from the top menu of the studio to instead be a part of the treeview folder menu along the left side of the studio

- An Apps Library button has been added to the application menu

- Added an informational message about where to drop components when editing a blank page


- Some language-related phrases have been adjusted

- More informative images have been added to show the different app templates available when creating a new App

- Links to our knowledgebase have been updated in the App Studio so that visiting the “Help Center” now takes you to our new and improved knowledgebase.

Bugs fixed:

- When changing global data on one page, the data object was not automatically listed on other pages

- When saving push notifications, another push notification might have been overwritten

- Saving a cloud action didn’t work previously if database queries were open in App Studio

- When updating a data model, variables in Visual Coding were not getting updated with the new fields

- When configuring a Visual Coding block that had many input properties, some of the input properties were not shown

- Clicking on the color picker multiple times in the style window used to load multiple color pickers which could not be closed

- UI.Pos.Get / UI.Pos.Set Visual Coding blocks were not working as intended

- The Facebook login button component was too small by default when added to a page

- Push notification were not working for app users signed in with a Facebook account

- The UI.Select component couldn’t set the selected value if it was a number

- The Device.Info.Platform Visual Coding block did not work before "deviceready" had fired

As always, we hope that these changes help to enhance your experience while developing in Aquro, and we invite you to contact us at any time with feedback!