A few weeks ago we launched our new set of UI features in Aquro App Studio called SmartUI. And now we added both theme support and styles to all components in SmartUI.

With SmartUI you get a large set of UI components to work with and with theme support you can easily set and modify the look and feel of these components and there by your entire app.

As a unique feature we also added the possibility to have different styles on iOS and Android and therefore letting your app have a native look and feel on all platforms.

Inside Aquro App Studio you can now preview your app on both an iPhone and Android phone.


You can choose between four built in templates for your app, or fine tune and create your own theme in just a few minutes.

Set the theme of your app by locating the UI > Themes menu in the tree view to the left in Aquro App Studio.

In the theme library you will find these four themes:

Built in themes 

But, as stated earlier, you can also design your own template by choosing any colors and CSS styles you like.

With themes all your components throughout your app will have the same look, but sometimes you may want to change the color of just one button or add some extra style to any other component. To make this possible this we also added style support to all SmartUI components.

Simply click on the style icon on the component and you can change colors and styles for that specific component in just a matter of seconds.


We are really happy with the theme and style support to SmartUI and we can’t wait to see the apps you will design with these new features.

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Johan is our lead developer and has extensive experience from product development. If someone knows about MADP it's Johan!

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