Now we've made it even easier to build apps in Aquro App Studio. With the help of ready-made app and page templates and UI components, SmartUI makes it possible to create a foundation for your app in just minutes. We call the concept SmartUI - an even more powerful way to build apps.

Aquros ambition is to provide the best ecosystem for a successful mobile project. Therefore, we are constantly working to make our platform even better. SmartUI allows you to quickly create a foundation for your app and focus more on important functions in your app, and spend less time on simple logic and graphical components. Regardless if you're building a simple or complex app, SmartUI will help you to kick start your project.


SmartUI summarized

  • App templates
    Get started quickly with one of our app templates.
  • Page templates
    Quickly create pages based on templates.
  • Building tool
    Automatic generation of interface and function with our building tool.
  • Ready-made UI components
    More than 30 ready-made components to choose from such as lists, graphs, maps, and buttons.

SmartUI video

Our video gives a quick insight into how to get started with SmartUI. Watch it!

SmartUI Video

About the author
Stefan is one of the founders of Aquro with extensive experience in product development. Stefan has worked with web design and development of CMS systems. He was also a part of the development team building a market leading email security platform.

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