This week, we created a new 'Sample Apps' section in Aquro, loaded up with pre-made apps that each illustrate specific concepts and development feats in Aquro. You can preview and learn from them at your own pace, or copy a sample app right into your account to explore its code or use it as a template for your own project!

Sample apps index

While working to improve the initial experience and ease the learning curve of Aquro, we noticed a couple of recurring themes in feedback from both our trial users and our customers:

  1. It wasn't immediately apparent what kinds of apps could be made with Aquro,
  2.  That sometimes tutorials and documentation aren't enough:  people wanted to be able to see real, working examples of apps utilizing important concepts like API/database integrations, custom interface components, Visual Coding scripts, and more.

Now, we're happy to announce a new part of the Aquro platform that we hope will help address both of these issues:  sample apps!

"Sounds great.  But what the heck is a sample app?"

Sample apps are functional app projects that we've built completely within Aquro, and that help to teach important concepts in an interactive environment.

For example, a sample app might be a working example of a common task, like connecting to an external database or creating a custom interface component.

Each sample app can then be opened as a copy in your account, allowing you to fully explore its inner workings, copy individual pieces of code, or even use it as a starting point for your own similar app.

In addition, every sample app lets you know about the specific principles or features the app uses, and points you toward all relevant tutorials and documentation to help you learn those concepts.

"Holy cow, that sounds neat!"

Glad we're on the same page.

Here's exactly how it works:

When you log in to Aquro, go ahead and head to the Apps tab. 

Visit the apps page

On the Apps page, you'll see a brand new View Sample Apps button; give it a click!

view sample apps

You should see something like this:

Sample apps index

So far, we've added 3 sample apps for you to choose from, but we'll be working to fill this area with more apps in the near future.

Clicking on any app will open up a new screen for it, providing you with a number of ways to proceed:

sample apps labeled

  1. Edit In App Studio:  Instantly copy the app project to your account, so you can explore, pick apart, and build upon the sample app.
  2. Preview:  Open a working preview of the app that you can click around and try out.
  3. Noteworthy Mechanics:  Here, we've made note of any important concepts or features this app is meant to help you learn more about.
  4. Related Resources:  This section contains all pertinent tutorials and knowledgebase articles on the concepts used in making this sample app.
  5. View All Sample Apps:  Returns you to the sample apps menu so that you can choose another one to learn more about.

And that's all there is to it!

We'd love to hear your feedback on sample apps, and on any specific types of sample apps you think we should build next!

Want to log in and check out 'em out for yourself?  Just click here ;)

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