Our final update in 2016 brings several new features to the Aquro platform, ensuring your apps have all of the functionality you want them to.


There may only be a couple of days left in 2016, but we’ve managed to squeeze in one final update before we welcome in the new year!

This update focuses on bringing more native device features into the tools readily available for you for developing in Aquro, along with a couple of other goodies as well.

All of the features below now have easy-to-use Visual Coding blocks prebuilt for you to use in scripts in your apps, or, as always, you can tap into them using your own custom JavaScript as well.

Here’s what’s new in Aquro for our final update of 2016:

  • Phone-book access
  • Calendar access
  • Flash light control
  • AdMob integration for easy monetization of your apps
  • TouchID verification
  • Image picker
  • Access to the device compass

More information about using all of these features within your apps can be found in our refreshed knowledge base section about native features: https://support.aquro.com/hc/en-us/sections/115000026329

Have an amazing new year; we look forward to seeing what 2017 holds for Aquro – and for all of you!

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