If you’ve been with us more than a couple weeks, you’ve probably noticed that we keep brisk pace for development around here – and this week was no different!


Over the past few days, we’ve been sneakily implementing changes to the Aquro platform that make it easier than ever to set up the behind-the-scenes services your app might need, all without ever leaving Aquro. Things like registering and managing in-app users, setting up cloud storage and data handling for your app, executing scripts using Aquro’s powerful cloud hardware to save battery and bandwidth on devices running your app, and more!

While these services were already available to Aquro users, we’ve now drastically improved the interfaces and ease-of-use for backend services, as well as created new learning materials and videos for them.

Cloud Database

Use of Aquro’s Cloud Database comes standard with every app project on your account, and can save you from having to set up and use external third-party databases.

This week we…

  • Added new tools for setting up & configuring the Cloud Database for use with your app.
  • Added new Visual Coding blocks that execute actions related to the Aquro Cloud Database.
  • Improved Cloud DB documentation with brand new Youtube videos!

Cloud Database Queries

Cloud Database Queries let you enhance app security and save bandwidth usage by querying and only returning specific data from the DB to your app, rather than having to download it all or store the data locally in your app in the first place. 

This week we improved the interface to make it simple to rapidly assemble complex queries, and introduced new video tutorials on doing so.

Cloud Actions

Cloud Actions allow you to execute scripts – either Visual Coding or JavaScript, in the cloud.  We’ve now made it easier to use this service to…

  • Create your own custom mobile backend without the need for another service provider.
  • Work with data in the Cloud/Backend without ever exposing it locally to your app.

You’ll find new and improved tools for this now, along with some great video walkthroughs!

Of course, we also stomped out our fair share of bugs and made minor improvements elsewhere in the platform, but this backend stuff is what’s really got us excited!

We hope that this week’s improvements to the access and scope of Aquro’s backend tools bring you one step closer to never needing another tool for your mobile projects again!