Over the past month, we've slowly tested and rolled out some major new features in the Aquro Platform, including the ability to publish your mobile app as a browser app, and the ability to clone the backend service configurations of one app straight into another.

JULY UPDATEAs usual, we're keeping a rapid pace here in the Aquro offices and we've released some long-requested features LIVE now! This release is sure to ramp up not only the range of problems Aquro developers can solve, but also the speed with which they can do so. 

Web apps!

Yes, that's right, when you create a new app project in Aquro you will now be able to release it not only on iOS and Android, but also as a web app that can be placed on a webpage and accessed via a regular desktop browser. You can code your own rules to ensure that your app adjusts its appearance when run in a larger browser format or, if your app is a Premium App, use the Responsive Designer feature to quickly accomplish this as well.  Read more about web apps Here.

Web app hosting

Once your web app has been created, we'll quickly get it hosted for you at a customizable URL. You'll be able to restrict access, setup authentication, and more. Learn about activating web app hosting Here.

Companion apps (backend service cloning)

Sometimes, you'll want to have multiple apps working from the same database, or sharing any number of backend services in order to create an integrated system. Now, we've launched "Companion Apps" to help facilitate this. You may convert any app to a Companion App, and doing so allows it to draw on the backends services of any other already configured app on your account. Learn more about Companion Apps Here.

We hope these tools help you take your development activities in Aquro even further and, as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions!