September means back to school, back to work, and back to life – in other words, it's a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Here at Aquro, we're celebrating September with our "Developer Days" update, which sees the introduction of significant new features and offers to inspire app developers to start off their projects with us with a bang!

Developer Days (1)

Let's get right to it, here are some major changes new and returning users alike can expect from Aquro's latest update:

  • A new, more inviting color scheme and interface within the Aquro platform, including new visual cues, menus, and icons, especially in areas like the Page Builder of our App Studio. 

  • No more 'Beginner' and 'Advanced' mode.  The relationship between beginner and advanced mode for building app pages ultimately proved too clunky and confusing, so both modes have now been merged together for a best-of-both worlds approach that should make more sense. 

  • New and improved tutorials!  Our 'creating your first app' tutorial has been updated to be more informative and detailed, and now includes the option to follow along with a video rather than just text and still images, if you so choose. 

  • Promotional September-only pricing.  We want to thank the early birds jumping on board with us at this stage in our journey with something special, so anyone who converts their free trial to a paying subscription in September can lock in a special $9/month unrestricted developer account, for life. 

  • An overhaul of our Youtube channel, with brand new, higher quality walkthroughs. 


    Sounds good, right?  We hope you can enjoy the Developer Days hype as much as we are!

    If you're not too busy furiously working away on your apps, here are details on each of the big changes listed above:

    1. Aquro's new look! 

    While we were happy with our platform overall, the color scheme we had going on before a little bit, well, gloomy.  We've swapped it out for something friendlier, and we've slightly re-organized the app manager page (your homepage when logging into the platform) to reflect more relevant information. 

    Below, you can take a look at screenshots of commonly used pages in Aquro in their spiffy new outfits. 


    2. No more Beginner Mode & Advanced Mode 

    When we launched Aquro, we had the idea that users could create a broad strokes of their app in a "beginner" mode, and then switch to "advanced" mode for taking more control of their development process. 

    It sounded good in theory, but was a bit unwieldy in practice, further complicated by the fact that, due to Aquro's infrastructure, it was impossible to switch back to beginner mode for a page, once you had used advanced mode on it. 

    This created confusion, and also made it difficult to maintain a high quality and rate of creation for our own tutorial materials, since many actions could be completed in both modes, necessitating multiple tutorial versions to explain the same action. 

    Now, both modes work together seamlessly, in a creation interface that combines the best of both previous views. 

     Here's the new unified view for working on app pages in Aquro:


    3. New and improved tutorials! 

    Since we'd updated so much, we needed to create some new tutorial materials to reflect recent additions to Aquro, and that also gave us an opportunity to improve upon old resources.  

    We now have a completely new 'creating your first app' tutorial for educating new users, and even try and let you choose how you learn best.  For example, this first tutorial can be followed along in the new popup interactive popup windows we've created, or you can simply follow along with our newly created, voice guided Youtube tutorials. 

    Oh, and our Youtube channel is more aesthetic and organized now, which will be important as we roll out more videos over the coming weeks.

    You can check out some specific playlists we're working on using the links below: 

  • In addition, some actions, like visiting a page or interacting with something for the first time, will trigger smart tutorials in the top right of your screen, which you may choose to open and follow along with to learn more about the task at hand.  We will be working to add more and more of these to the platform in the coming weeks to help create an extensive knowledgebase for users. 

    4. Promotional pricing for September 

    Our first customers are helping to build our platform, improve it via feedback, and supply us with some great apps we hope to showcase in the near future, and we want to reward them with some super special pricing for September only.   

    Anyone who tries out Aquro and decides to sign up for an individual developer account between now and October 1st will receive a special $9/month subscription price, which they will retain as long as they're a subscriber with us. 

    That means a creation studio, backend services, analytics, and everything you need to bring new app ideas to market – on up to five different app projects – for just $9 per month. 

    We're pretty excited about seeing some new faces via this promotion, and we sure hope to see yours too! 


    *Takes a deep breath,* well, I think that just about does it for this update! 

    As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have, and we hope you enjoy the Developer Days update!  Oh, and if you haven't yet, be sure to try out Aquro!

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