This month, we've rolled out two major features for developers in Aquro, and we're excited to tell you all about them!


There are two things we believe are vitally important to keeping Aquro as a mobile development tool moving in the right direction:

  • Listening closely to customer feedback and taking improvement suggestions seriously
  • Getting our hands dirty by using our own platform daily to find improvement points

Between the two, we always have plenty of ideas for next steps swirling around, and today we’re happy to announce that we’ve officially rolled out two substantial new features you can start taking advantage of in your apps:

1) Native transitions

native trans final

We’ve recently introduced an entire new category of Visual Coding blocks (found in the Visual Coding window under the "Nav" folder along the lefthand side) that you can use to trigger seamless transitions between your app’s pages. These transitions take advantage of a clever technique that masks page loading times from users, so even data-intensive page swaps in your app will appear completely seamless and smooth to end-users.

We published a writeup on how the technology works in this article, and you can also view our full explainer video on Aquro Native Transitions. Finally, we also have a Knowledgebase article which covers the topic in detail.

2) The Content Management Service


In an effort to help Aquro live up to its all-in-one promise, we have recently rolled out an innovative CMS solution contained completely within the Aquro App Manager. After about 10 minutes of initial setup, you (or your clients) can log into the Content Manager and quickly create articles, images, and other types of media content as you see fit.

This content will then be stored in the Aquro Cloud database, and can be filtered, displayed, and used anywhere in your app. For a full walkthrough of setting up the Content Manager for your apps, check out this Youtube tutorial.

This feature is especially exciting not only because it allows individual developers to quickly populate their apps with good-looking content, but because it also allows consultants and agencies who develop with Aquro an easy way to allow their clients to log in and post announcements, articles, images, and videos for their app users.

As we head into the weekend, we just want to say thanks again to all of the developers using Aquro in their daily work, and if you ever have your own suggestions about which features you’d like to see next, don’t hesitate to let us know about them!