We're introducing some heavy-hitting features in Aquro's first update of 2017, enjoy!

2017 Update 1

The new feature train stops for no man (or woman), so we’re excited to announce several new features, platform improvements, and bug fixes today!

As always, we will work to create new documentation and tutorials for new features as quickly as possible. In the meantime, check out what’s new below:

New Features:

Multi-lingual apps!

You can now easily create apps that can display in multiple languages using our new ‘Languages’ feature.  ‘Languages’ lets you convert your app’s text into phrases.  You can then enter translations for each phrase and assign them to a language, which can either be automatically detected based on the app-user’s device, or you can let them manually select their preferred language.  For a full walkthrough of using Languages in Aquro, check out our video tutorial.

Page folders

create a folder ss

To help keep things organized, you can now create folders in the left-hand treeview menu of Aquro’s App Studio and use them to organize your app pages.  Great for complex apps with lots of subpages you’d like to keep in order!

Right-click menu for Visual Coding blocks

coding block context menu ss

When working in a Visual Coding script window, you can now right-click any Visual Coding block to bring up a contextual menu (the current options are to open its configuration widow or to delete the block).

Cloning of Visual Coding blocks

clone coding block menu

Want to use a pre-existing Visual Coding block's code as the basis of a custom script?  You can now easily copy any Visual Coding block and then tweak its code by right-clicking the 'Visual Coding Blocks' folder from the App Studio's treeview menu!

Cloning of Your Apps

clone app ss

From your Apps page in Aquro, you can now clone your own apps by clicking the Properties link next to it, then clicking the Clone button.

Preview app in a new window

browser preview ss

You can now preview your app in a new browser window if you prefer this to previewing it within the App Studio.  To do this, simply press the "share" icon in the top right of the App Studio while working on your app, and a window will appear outlining the new preview options. Bonus:  If you copy the link to the new preview window and open it on your mobile device, it will behave like a fullscreen mobile app!

Platform Changes / Improvements:

New “Create App” page

We’ve created a new, more visual and better-organized page for creating a new app project.  This new page allows us an improved area for listing out more app templates and/or sample apps as we add them.

Removed the “Home” tab / page from Aquro

The “Home” tab / page when logged into the Aquro platform seemed to not serve much of a purpose besides duplicating the functionality of several of the other pages, so we have now removed it completely.  You will now be sent straight to your Apps page when you log in to Aquro.

Bug fixes:

  • Removed a bug where a scroll-bar would appear along the right side of your app when the tab-bar page layout was chosen, even when the page content did not necessitate any scrolling. 

We hope you find these changes useful, and, as always, we’d love to hear your feedback!