The mobile app development platform built with you in mind.

Aquro is the cross-platform iOS & Android development suite designed for speed and unrestricted creation.

What is Aquro?

Aquro is a full-lifecycle solution for developing and managing your mobile app projects.

  • A seamless, rapid application development platform

    Combine our unique visual workflows with your own HTML, CSS, & JavaScript to quickly develop Android / iOS apps. Great for those with frontend experience!
  • A true one-stop-shop for iOS & Android projects

    Develop, maintain, manage users, send app emails/push notifications, view usage analytics, and more; centralize your entire project lifecycle.
  • A platform with complete control & flexibility

    We won't restrict or box you into templates - have at it! Plus, you're never tied to our platform, and can export your projects at any time.
  • A solution for 2017 and beyond

    Aquro takes advantage of the latest best-practices in hybrid app development to help you deliver the best-performing mobile apps possible.

Why choose Aquro?

We've worked carefully to bring you a platform that goes above and beyond.

  • Unrivaled speed and agility

    Quickly develop powerful apps using industry-leading tools, like Aquro's Visual Coding.
  • Write once, release twice

    Develop just once, then instantly compile separate versions of your app for iOS and Android with the click of a button.
  • Hardware independent

    Our cloud-build services handle the behind-the-scenes work so that you can develop for iOS & Android regardless of your hardware or software - a browser is all you need!
  • Shared success

    We recognize that our success is built upon making sure our customers are successful too - so we provide you with ambitious amounts of support, documentation, and tutorials to make sure you get started on the right foot!

App Showcase

While every app project is different and we won't limit you in what you can create, here's a small sampling of some of the apps created with Aquro - we'd love to add yours!

My Walk


Category: fitness. 
Set your walking goal, record how far you've walked each day, and track your progress over time!

This app uses a combination of premade and custom interface components, and makes use of Aquro's secure mobile backend services to connect with Google maps. All app scripts were built with Aquro Visual Coding.


l cab logo cropped

Category: Transportation

Stylish, discrete transportation. The L-CAB app allows clients to hail L-CAB cars on demand, Uber-style. The app includes booking, live vehicle location tracking, and user registration.

The L-CAB app has been constructed entirely within the Aquro Platform.

Holm Security


Category: Cyber security

Safe, secure, and now on-the-go. Holm Security is a cloud-based IT security scanner and threat analysis software used by businesses, municipalities, and government organizations across Sweden.

Constructed entirely within Aquro, Holm Security's app takes advantage of our robust backend tools and integrations to keep customers up to date in real-time.



Category: consumer. 
Create and share wishlists for birthdays, weddings, and more!

This app takes advantage of Aquro's built-in components, Visual Coding system, and mobile backend services, and can also utilize the device's camera.

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